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Tianshi Wax

Micronized PTFE
Tianshi makes PTFE micropowders & dispersions for use as  additives in other conventional plastic/construction materials. Tianshi’s PTFE micro powders can be added to polycarbonate and polyamide, as well as other plastics, to improve wear and to reduce the coefficient of friction.

Tianshi PTFE powders, can combined with other flame retardants. PTFE micro powders can also be blended with fluorocarbon or silicone oils to form very high performance lubricants and greases. PTFE based greases have extremely low friction, a wide operating temperature range, and a much longer usage life than conventional greases.

Nanjing Tianshi Wax launched PTFE micropowders that can meet the latest technical standards of the European Union in 2019. The PFOA content can reach a minimum of 4ppb, which is about 1% of the common products in the market. The technical requirements of PFOA/PFOS are mainly limited by EU REACH and Stockholm Treaty, and have been revised six times since 2006. It is specified in REACH Annex17 that after July 2020, the PFOA content of all products should be less than 25ppb. PTFE micropowders of Nanjing Tianshi Wax will assist customers in coatings, ink, engineering plastics, lubricating grease and other industries to meet the new requirements of the European Union.


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